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Mystery shopping provides an unparalleled insight into a customer’s experience of a clients business.

As the motor industry evolves and creates new ways for the customer to make an enquiry into a business, A.i. has created a tool to capture a clients ability to manage these enquiries successfully and to provide a product that provides tangible and unequivocal information to allow managers and training departments identify areas of improvement.

It is A.i.’s philosophy that it is not just the salesman, service advisor, parts advisor or other member of staff that is being Mystery Shopped; our actions are also being captured. This philosophy ensures that every member of the A.i. team is fundamentally responsible to providing the client an unparalleled product in its accuracy and credibility.

Automotive insights consultants work with their clients to develop a performance evaluation template that:

  • Incorporates industry best practice techniques and methods
  • Supports the business’ intended Branded Customer Experience
  • Weights the importance of different customer service attributes
  • Enables trend analysis
  • Enables accurate segmentation of customer service outlets to focus and tailor subsequent improvement initiatives
  • Enables regional and national performance comparisons

What You Need To know.

Manufacturers strive daily to differentiate their brand from their competitors. More and more, a large part of this differentiation occurs at the franchised dealer level. From outside facades to the display of New, Used, and CPO vehicles, to the customer waiting area in the Service department, the brand of the manufacturer is supported or undermined.

Through Brand Standards Auditing, A.i. delivers to manufacturers a clear picture of how their brand is being represented at the dealer level.

Automotive Insights team of auditors and surveyors have two decades of experience working within the automotive sector. A.i. specialises in brand standard management audits and workshop compliance audits.

Problem Solved.

Process is fundamental to everything we do here at A.i. Without a process structure in place a business cannot effectively perform. Training cannot be implemented and good practice cannot be ascertained.

We at A.i. work with businesses to design a process which provides the most efficient and productive plan to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

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