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What State Is The Video Mystery Shopping Industry In?

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Automative Insights Ltd

‘Over promising, under delivering’

How Automotive Insights Ltd are raising the standards within the manufacturer and dealer networks in the automotive industry. Jonathan Firmin, Managing Director of Automotive Insights Ltd, gives comment on the current state of the Mystery Shopping industry within the automotive sector, by Nephew UK.

Q. What is Automotive Mystery Shopping? 

Mystery shopping is designed to help improve the quality of sales and after sales executives in specific industries? Automotive Insights Ltd specialise in the automotive industry, therefore our entire ethos is to improve the performance of sales and after executives within manufacturers and dealer groups a-like. In doing so, will result in higher standards of customer satisfaction, an increase in customer retention, improved bottom line net profits and an increase in quality and brand standards.

Q. What do Automotive Insights Ltd do……..?

We measure managers and executives performance levels; by providing insight to our clients on their dealer networks skills and abilities, against manufactures processes. We then offer overall and specified analysis, professional feedback, KPI’s and future performance action plans. Our clients also benefit from interactive coaching modules and online social improvement platforms to compare and differentiate themselves from the competitive automobile market.

Q. Where is Mystery Shopping today?

When I returned to the UK, having spent five years training market leading automotive manufacturer Sales & After Sales management teams in SA, Australia, US and the far east, I was extremely surprised by the state of the Mystery Shopping Industry. Economical inflation was high: the cost of fuel, road tax, hotels and mystery shop equipment had increased – everything the shopper is expected to pay had inflated – yet shopper fees and the gross cost of mystery shopping had deflated, which is one of the major issues with the industry as it stands.

This was caused by the fact that there was a small amount of video mystery shopping companies in the UK, fighting for the same work. Providing clients with the same low quality of product and winning the business by under-cutting each other and devaluing mystery shop as a tool. What they should have been doing and what Automotive Insights Ltd has spent the last five years developing, improving the quality of the data fed back to the client, the design of sustainable methodology in performing programs and the efficiency of delivering accurate and high speed results ahead of time and on budget. In turn we have raised the value of mystery shop and reinstalled the confidence back into our manufacturers and dealer groups.

Quality automotive specific mystery shopping, is a high commodity when executed correctly. My sole aim is to provide my clients with maximum return on their investment helping them to measure, improve, re-measure and continue to improve.

Q. Where are the others going wrong?

A fickle trend of over promising and under delivering has crept into the industry. Unrealistic forecasts and poor project design saw the industries demise over the past decade, resulting in unhappy manufacturers and shoppers’ a-like.

 I’m very aware that a video mystery shopping company is only as good as it’s mystery shoppers out in the field, who are well versed in testing, measuring and assessing.

Unfortunately the state of the industry four years ago was on its knees: pulled apart and stretched too thin and the bottom line is that video mystery shopping companies in the UK were over promising to their clients and under valuing mystery shopping and it’s worth in the industry.

The key message is that we are very different to our competitors. Our ethos is not only about winning new business, but being realistic about what we can deliver, making sure that we design sustainable programs and aid client retention. If we continue to do this Automotive Insights Ltd and Mystery Shopping as an industry will continue to thrive under the new regime.

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